Unions, what does it mean to YOU

A question I asked workers in and outside of a union.

I expected, and I did- get answers like; I don’t know, or what are they good for? Even that they are useless, in some form or shape of the word. For many of you though, the first thing to come to mind was that unions improve wages, working conditions, equality, safety and job security. As well as health benefits and Pension.

But many Workers and business people alike might not be aware of how these improvements fought for by the workers union affect the life outside of work for their families and community they live in. Things like fair wages, health benefits, safe and respectful working conditions help make a community. People have a stable income to afford housing and settle down, spend their money in local businesses and raise their kids in a town they don’t just have a job in but care for. Workers contribute in ways like volunteering in community services, engaging and taking part in sowing the seed of positive change and attitude in which a new generation may grow.
Just like a union needs the community to support their endeavors, the community needs a strong union to stabilize and stimulate their economy. After all, the strength of a community is made up of people with the idea of togetherness and the flame of solidarity that is carried at work from one to another, is passed on to the people that surround us and places we share.

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