Executives & Committees of L.L. 608 Pinawa


President and Vice President

Tom Turner
Email: thomas.turner@cnl.ca
Grant Pachkowsky
Vice President
Email: grant.pachkowsky@cnl.ca

The President countersigns orders and checks, appoints committees, appoints educator and communicator not otherwise provided, administers the obligation to new employees; enforces the laws of the I.A.M. applicable to the L.L and members; and performs other duties as may be required by the constitution.

The Vice President assist the President in maintaining order and in the absence of the president is authorized to sign vouchers, checks and other documents and in case of resignation of the President or stepping down, the Vice President shall take his/ her position and serve as such until after the next regular election and installation of the successor in office

Recording Secretary, Secretary Treasurer & conductor Sentinel.

Blake Kopachena
Recording Secretary
Sherry Parisian
Secretary Treasurer
Wayne Shewchuk

Recording Secretary conducts correspondence for and in the name of the L.L. presents all communication and bills and keep minutes.

The Secretary Treasurer receives and deposits funds and pays all properly drawn orders by check countersigned by the president and keeps a correct account between the lodge and its members in according’s with the L.L. constitution.

The Conductor Sentinel is to answer the door and admit all who are entitled to admission.

Trustee and Communicator

Wayne Leonard
Siegfried Schuhmann

A Trustee’s sees to that all of the books are properly kept, is part of the auditing process and looks after the property belonging to the L.L.

In accordance with the official directives , policies and programs of the G.L., the Communicator will through information technologies communicate with the membership about their work and family life’s.